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We now stock the Aquascape pond kits and are amazed by their low maintenance and clear water. This video was how it all began.

At Lotus Watergardens there is a myriad of features to suit any garden, from large garden waterfalls and ponds to small water bowls and pots. We have all the plants and fish to go in them and all the filtration and pumps required to keep them clean. For fountains, water features, ponds and fish, come down and see us at Lotus water gardens in Braeside, Melbourne.

810 Springvale Rd, Braeside

9798 4599

“Large Taro lily leaves swaying in the gentle breeze casting a shadow onto a dimly lit stonewall with the ever so faint sounds of your favorite album and a glass of your favourite…relaxed yet?”

Outdeco Gardenscreen in a Phillip Withers Landscape Design