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Water Features

There are always plenty of water features and fountains on display at Lotus. Click here to see our latest water features These include lighter water features that are made from glass reinforced concrete (GRC). This makes them strong but with the added advantage of being 75% lighter than concrete. They come complete with a pump …

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Pumps and Filters

Lotus is a proud stockist of the Oase pump range. They are extremely energy efficient products with cutting edge German design. Oase pumps are quieter, more energy efficient, have a particularly long service life and generally have more features than their competitors. We also stock many other pumps and accessories. Pumps can be divided into …

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Come in and see them for yourself as we have a large range of ponds in stock. We stock both black plastic and fibreglass ponds. We also sell pond liner. View our range of formal ponds View our range of informal ponds Apart from the heavy duty plastic ponds, a plastic pond needs to have …

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Water Plants

We have a large range of water plants in stock. Plants need to be planted at the correct depth according to variety. We will be building up more pages on this website soon. Many of our water lilies are potted on-site and grown in large pots so you get big strong plants.

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We have a large array of cold water fish to choose from. You will find the perfect companion for your tank or pond. Some of the varieties we regularly stock are: Comets, Shubunkins, Fantails, Calicos, Nymphs, Zebra Danio, Bitterlings, Rosy Barbs and Red Cap Orandas. We also stock Murray River Rainbowfish which are a native …

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Universal Rocks

Universal Rocks, Ponds and Waterfalls. Real rocks can be used in landscaping projects such as gardens, swimming pools, retaining walls and other areas, but there is one major problem. Universal Rocks have been developed to be an easy, lightweight alternative that are a diverse and practical range of products.They are too heavy. Not only are …

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Water Bowls

Water bowls are like having an above ground pond. You can have water plants, fish and even a small pump to provide oxygen and create your own little underwater world. We have an extensive range of water bowls to choose from.

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A lightweight window box - perfect for balconies.


Large specimen pots, many suitable for water features. New lightweight range – tired of dragging big heavy pots around. Our new range of lightweight pots provide you with the latest fashion colours and styles. Being lightweight, they are perfect for balconies and rooftop gardens, but can be used anywhere.

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