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Come in and see them for yourself as we have a large range of ponds in stock. We stock both black plastic and fibreglass ponds. We also sell pond liner.

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Apart from the heavy duty plastic ponds, a plastic pond needs to have it’s sides supported. These ponds are generally cheaper and are ideal if they are used in-ground or where a framework around it like timber or bricks is being built. Plastic ponds are not rigid enough to support the weight of water against it by itself. The heavy duty plastic and fibreglass ponds are self supporting and can be used above ground and with no support. Our heavy duty ponds are ideal for commercial aquaculture and aquaponic recirculating systems as well as a garden pond.

When putting a fibreglass or plastic pond into the ground, always fill the pond up with water as you are backfilling the soil. This will stop the pond from bowing in due to the weight of the soil pushing against an empty pond, or bowing out due to the weight of water pushing against a pond with no soil holding it in place. Your pond will look better, but more importantly, it wont crack.

The pond pictured above has two different depths so you can have plants placed at different depths, depending on variety.

Choose a black pond over a light pond for the following reasons:

1. A black pond creates the illusion of depth particularly important where ponds are quite shallow

2. A black pond will hide the gradual, and natural, build up of algae on the walls of the pond.

3. A black pond shows off the fish better and colours look much brighter.


You can now purchase our formal and natural look ponds from the gardenworld website.

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View our range of formal ponds

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