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Water Plants

We have a large range of water plants in stock. Plants need to be planted at the correct depth according to variety. We will be building up more pages on this website soon.

Many of our water lilies are potted on-site and grown in large pots so you get big strong plants.


Plants that drift freely and float on the surface. With some of these plants the roots  trail down into the pond water without anchoring. They remain free to drift about the pond. Most tend to be vigorous growing and heavy feeding plants. They include a great oxygenating plant called elodea which can also be submerged …

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These plants will grow best in moist positions and around pond edges. They are the marginal plants that grow around the edges of ponds, waterways, lakes and wetlands. They include the bog plants that grow in swampy areas and tolerate seasonal flooding. In more natural pond designs, these waterside plants help to stabilise pond edges …

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