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These plants will grow best in moist positions and around pond edges.

They are the marginal plants that grow around the edges of ponds, waterways, lakes and wetlands. They include the bog plants that grow in swampy areas and tolerate seasonal flooding.

In more natural pond designs, these waterside plants help to stabilise pond edges and create a smoother blend between the pond and the surrounding landscape.

They are of particular importance in improving water quality through erosion control and also their feeder roots. Many councils are now using such plants in catchment drains.

Acorus gramineus – Japanese Rush or Sweet Flag

Acorus gramineus ‘Ogon’ – Golden Sweet Flag

Acorus gramineus ‘Variegata’ – Variegated Sweet Flag

This small, neat marginal plant prefers wet soils in a protected position. It is frost resistant but drought tender. A perennial plants, it grows to a height of 0.5m and a spread of 0.3m.

Colocasia esculenta – Taro / Elephant Ear

Colocasia esculenta ‘Amazon Queen’ – Taro / Elephant Ear

An elegant perennial with metallic purple to green leaves and dark black stems. An excellent feature plant that grows to 1.5m and has yellow fowers in late summer. Prefers semi-shade and shallow water.

Colocasia esculenta ‘Black Magic’ – Taro / Elephant Ear

Cyperus prolifer – Dwarf Papyrus

This is a smaller version of Cyperus papyrus that grows to 60cm.

Gratiola peruviana – Austral Brooklime

Prostrate herb with pale green foliage and pale pink fowers. Shade tolerant preferring wet soil.

Goodenia Humilis – Swamp Goodenia

Imperata cylindrical ‘Rubra’ – Japanese Blood Grass

Iris ensata ‘Cultivars’ – Japanese Iris – flower late spring

– Attraction – Pale Lavender

– Blue Lagoon – Mid Blue

– Court Jester – White with heavily striped purple veins and purple styles

– Fascination – Pale Pink

– Gosan No Takara – Dwarf Iris – violet flowers with white centres

– Hoyden – White with purple styles

– Nishiki Gi – White mottled with splashes of purple

– Ocean Mist – pale mid blue

– Pastel Princess – pale pink

– Storm At Sea – Dark Purple

– White – Large Double White

– World’s delight – Light pink with sky blue blush

Iris japonica ‘Variegata’ – Variegated Crested Iris

Juncus decipiens ‘Curly Wurly’ – MIniature Corkscrew Rush

Juncus effusus ‘Spiralis’ – Corkscrew Rush

A delightful small plant with tightly wound, green corkscrew foliage. It prefers a shady position in wet soil and shallow water. Tiny cream flowers throughout the year.

┬áLysimachia nummalaria – Creeping Jenny

A vigorous carpeting plant with bright yellow fowers in summer. Very erective ground cover that grows to 8cm tall. Moist soils to shallow water, preferring part shade.

Lysimachia nummalaria ‘Aurea’ – Golden Creeping Jenny

Restio tetraphyllus – Tassel Cord Rush

An attractive bright green rush with delicate plume like foliage, it prefers moist soils and full sun. Growing to 1.5m tall.

Zantedescia childsiana – Dwarf White Calla