Information & Advice from fish, pond and waterplant experts.

We can arrange for the following services:

New installations of water features and ponds.

Pond Maintenance – if you know the approximate size of your pond in litres, we can advise of your options. Photos are also of great help. We work with some of Melbourne’s best pond experts and can point you in the right direction.

Pump servicing – for small pumps just bring them into the shop and we will have a look.

Pump & filtration systems matched to your project. Make sure you get the right system the first time.

Cold water fish advice – We stock a large range of goldfish, murray river rainbows and various other cold water fish.

Re-potting of water lilies.

Advice on which waterplants to choose for your particular application.

We now stock the Aquascape pond kits and can guide you through the process of creating these eco-friendly pond systems.